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Innovare has three services:

Specialty Financing Facilities: We develop innovative financial facilities, often combining financial instruments and risk mitigation, designed to overcome obstacles to financing inclusive agribusiness value chains. One example of our structuring is:

Lease Financing Facility: The Innovare Lease Financing Facility is a recently launched program which illustrates our work. While leasing is a standard global asset financing tool, it is rarely available to African agribusinesses. Leases contracted under the Facility provide access to finance which SMEs, smallholder farmers and producer groups in Africa might otherwise be unable to obtain. With their new access to lease financing, these users are able to increase their purchases of equipment from manufacturers, paying for them over time from revenues earned through the use of the equipment, enabling them to expand their businesses. The manufacturers increase their sales of vital equipment, also.

Taking the Lease Financing Facility further, Innovare is developing a multi-country, integrated effort combining appropriate agricultural mechanization equipment finance (including leasing) with training for farmer organizations and small-holders. Read more...

Investment Banking: We structure investments to improve agriculture production and food security for companies engaged in the Food and Agriculture sector. Innovare has worked with a variety of clients in different subsectors including portable grain and produce storage solutions, organic food and fiber and dairy diagnostics.

Advisory/Consulting: We advise and consult to private companies, funds, foundations, NGOs and development agencies to create innovative financing arrangements that strengthen and expand inclusive agriculture value chains


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