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Prices are rising for agricultural commodities worldwide as traditional industrial farming practices and global supply chains struggle to close the demand/supply gap. Current agriculture practices have also transformed the planet and had profound side effects on essential conditions for human health and well being. New, commercial, innovative approaches are needed to supply food and fiber while making better use of resources and causing less damage to the environment.

The need for innovation in agriculture and finance led to the creation of Innovare Advisors. Innovare manages investments within the global alternative agribusiness sector. Our unique value is in working with innovative companies that utilize “best practices” for inclusive agribusiness, have a conservation-based approach to agriculture, a global network of agricultural experts, direct relationships with multi-national corporations and end buyers and direct experience with sustainable and profitable production techniques.

We focus on investing and building value in medium-sized enterprises along the agribusiness value chain. Selected business include storage, processing, refrigeration, distribution, and selected commodity sectors include grains, fruits, meat dairy, poultry, cotton, bamboo and timber.

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